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Roman Reigns destroys LeBron James, Johnny Manziel and Lance Stephenson

Now THIS is letting your anger out.

Roman Reigns is good at a lot of things. He played in the NFL for a while, now he's the best young superstar on the WWE roster. That said, if you ask for his help with waste management you can't get angry if he makes a bigger mess while doing it.

Michelle Beadle of SportsNation was looking to tidy up before Summerslam. She had giant standees of Lance Stephenson, Johnny Manziel and LeBron James -- all in their old uniforms. Nobody needs those things. Reigns to the rescue!

Let's give this the JR treatment.

Roman Reigns vs. Lance Stephenson

Roman Reigns vs. Johnny Manziel

Roman Reigns vs. LeBron James