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Some of the Jets lie about being NFL players on Tinder

Guys! What are you doing?!?!!? You're supposed to lie to make yourself seem **cooler**, not less cool!

The news here is not that young men are using Tinder. I am 24, around the age of a lot of NFL players, and I'd estimate the majority of my male, single friends use Tinder to find love, sex, or just entertain themselves by swiping through pictures of people.

The news is not that people on Tinder lie about stuff. I'd estimate the majority of my Tinder experiences involved some sort of "well, I know I said I'm (x) but actually I'm (y)" conversation. Most of the time it was small stuff -- you know, this person isn't actually a writer/actress/etc., they just want to be -- but, man. Some people make up STORIES. I'll leave it at that.

The story here is that players on the New York Jets are lying about being players for the New York Jets on Tinder. Via the Wall Street Journal:

On (offensive lineman Breno) Giacomini's profile, there are no pictures of him in an NFL jersey. The four photos show the 28-year-old, 318-pound lineman smiling and wearing a short-sleeve shirt or tank top. He looks like a construction worker-which is what he initially tells women he is.

The facade cracks after he meets his dates in person. "A few weeks later, it's like, 'What do you have to do on Sunday?'" he said. His reply: "'I have to do work.'"


He has gone on several online dates and said he isn't technically lying when he tells women he's a construction worker. "I did do construction, growing up with my father, and I still do the side jobs there when I go back home," he said.

The women eventually figure it out. Besides dodging questions about his Sunday whereabouts, Giacomini must deal with fans who notice his massive frame. "After a while, it's, 'Hey, how come this guy wants to take a picture with you?'" he said. "And it's like, 'Well, they think I play football or something.'

BRENO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!? You're supposed to lie to make yourself look as cool/good as you can be! You just won the Super Bowl with the Seahawks! That is as cool/good as you can be! Don't lie about it!

No, but seriously, this makes sense. The article goes on to explain that some players fear women are only interested in them because of their NFL status. Giacomini figures he's more likely to find true love by saying he's a construction worker, finding a women interested in his looks and personality -- you know, who he is -- rather than his career, and the fame and contracts that come with it.

Of course, the article reports six of the 11 players on the Jets with Tinder accounts *do* feature themselves in Jets gear in one of their pictures, so some guys are banking on the NFL thing to help pick up girls. Go ahead and read the whole article; we found it fascinating.