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SEC Network launches, immediately gives Tim Tebow a cake

Is it a coincidence Tim Tebow and the SEC Network will forever share a birthday? Will Tebow continue to get presents every day this channel is on air?

After years of planning and negotiations, the SEC Network launched today amidst much fanfare, debuting at 6 p.m.. The first show was the debut of SEC Live, a studio show meant to cover all the latest around the Southeastern Conference, and they began with hard-hitting analysis of -- wait, no, they began by having the Florida Gators mascot give Tim Tebow a birthday cake:

Today is, in fact, Tim Tebow's 27th birthday, meaning we're officially two years removed from the time SportsCenter gave Tim Tebow a birthday.

Some people on the internet griped about this, and the fact that Tim Tebow used the word "we" to describe Florida.

Those people are irritating. This is the SEC Network, a network dedicated to a conference that prides itself on its over-the-top insanity. We expect nothing less than a television station that brings us over-the-top insanity, much like we expect ads for cheese dip when we turn on the Big Ten Network.

Of course, here at SB Nation, we believe Tim Tebow is doing something much, much, much, much, much bigger than just analyzing sports in a suit.