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Gary Bettman did the Ice Bucket Challenge and it is amazing

It might even make you like him. Seriously.

I am on record as a fan of Gary Bettman. He's legitimately and objectively been very good for the growth and the business of hockey (ignore the lockouts and think about it) ... and better yet, he's a really good sport when it comes to how much he's hated. Sure, he's smarmy as hell, but he has a pretty great sense of humor.

Exhibit A: his Ice Bucket Challenge.

I'm Gary Bettman and I'm here to meet the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, courtesy of shout outs from Jeremy Jacobs, John Buccigross, Mark Chipman and ... a number of other people who over the last couple of days thought it would be appropriate for me to cool off.

I would like to challenge John McConnell, for among other things hosting a wonderful afternoon here at Double Eagle, and I would also like to challenge BRIAN BURKE (!!!), Rob Blake and Brendan Shanahan. All great hockey legends who at one time or another worked at the league office and decided to go on and do other things. ALS is a terrible disease and it's an honor to participate in this challenge.

Not only did he throw some shade at fans who sarcastically nominated him for the challenge, but he also nominated BRIAN BURKE. YES, THAT BRIAN BURKE. The guy's son wouldn't even nominate him, but Bettman had the courage to do it.

Think of what his hair and his tie are going to look like after he dumps ice on his head and then thank Gary Bettman for your Thursday evening entertainment.

(Related: Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs, who is a real-life Mr. Burns, also did the challenge. Go laugh at him and cringe at his awkwardness.)