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Meet Quarterback Ref, who has an absolute cannon

This ref could throw a penalty flag over them mountains.

Most NFL refs view the preseason as a chance to hone their skills, to get up to football speed after the long offseason.

Not Quarterback Ref. Quarterback Ref is using the NFL preseason as an opportunity to show he's got an arm that all 32 NFL teams should be taking a look at:


Dude even takes a three-step drop before uncorking his bomb. Textbook.

It ended up going 31 damn yards:


Sure, any QB could huck a football 31 yards. But footballs are aerodynamic and hefty. This is just a piece of yellow cloth with a tiny sandbag on it. He also picked damn near the optimal angle for long-range flag tossing.

You might say that as the back judge, this ref (if crew chief Carl Cheffers kept the same crew as last year, it's Todd Prukop) is just trying to get the flag into the field of vision considering he's 30 yards behind the action, but it seems more likely he was just having fun late in a preseason game, especially considering the drop.

In other news, there should be a ref combine, because we'd love to see the Flag Javelin toss.