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USA Basketball did a group Ice Bucket Challenge, nominated Barack Obama

This was not a fair Ice Bucket Challenge.

A few things about this:

1. We're not here to show you every instance in which an athlete does the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS support, but six members of USA basketball in a single ice water dump is a pretty solid haul for one video.

2. Six players divided by three buckets equals one bucket for every two players, right? Not quite. DeMarcus Cousins and Kenneth Faried get a pretty even bath. Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan each get soaked pretty well. The guy on the James Harden/Stephen Curry bucket DOUSES Harden and almost completely misses Curry.


Steph actually leans into it a bit to get some water on his scalp. He is otherwise pretty much dry by the end of this. Being the team speaker has its benefits, I guess. Maybe that bucket-pourer is a Warriors guy. Or a Thunder guy, I guess.

3. I'm sure lots of people taking this challenge have tried to pass it on to Obama and/or Oprah, but six USA basketball players doing the challenge has to be our best shot of actually getting the president (Do I mean Obama or Oprah? Up to you.) to do this. And Adam Silver.

4. Why these six guys?

5. Just a reminder that there's a reason everyone's doing this. Donations go here.

(Update: Alternate angle confirms all of the above.)