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New Clippers owner Steve Ballmer goes nuts at rally

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This is pretty tame for Steve Ballmer, but still.

New Clippers owner/Microsoft executive/person-who-is-not-Donald-Sterling Steve Ballmer turns up. Steve Ballmer's history of turning up is well documented. It's strange to say, but Ballmer's whooping, stomping, high-fiving interaction with fans at Monday's Clippers rally was pretty tame for him:

(via Jovan Buha)

He also pulled had a sort of "not four, not five" moment of his own:

Aaaaaaand he gave out his email address:

I obviously got in touch:


So did Brian Floyd:


I'll let you know if we hear back. I'm not expecting anything until the stimulants wash out of Ballmer's system, but I encourage you to try as well.