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Here's Johnny Manziel flipping the bird in an NFL game

Thank you, Johnny Manziel, for being as Johnny Manziel as you can possibly be.

Johnny Manziel has had a rough night in the Browns' second preseason game against Washington. First he got sacked, and Brian Orakpo made fun of his hand sign. Then he, uh, didn't play football well.

So, yes, when some players on Washington did something he didn't like, he flipped them the bird:


We just want Johnny Manziel to continue being Johnny Manziel forever and ever. Also, way to pull off the thumbs-up/middle finger combo. And sweet wrist tat! That said, sweet shot of his OVO wrist tattoo.

Of course, a middle finger on the football field isn't really unique or new or anything. Hey, look here and here and here and here.

But, hey, this is Johnny Manziel, so people will talk about it and be outraged! Get outraged! (Also, there's probably a fine coming his way, which will harsh his ability to cash out as fully as he might hope.)

Let's have fun with this!