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These are the highlights of Bobby Bowden's AMA

You sir, are a treasure.

Former Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden joined Reddit for an "Ask Me Anything" on Tuesday, and between the appreciation and adulation from FSU fans Bowden gave some hard-hitting answers to life's biggest questions.


Nobody should ever mind having cheese put in their grits. There's probably some corn purist out there who claims they're better without, but that person is wrong.


Yes, Bobby Bowden wants his sentient Bowden statue to destroy all of Tallahassee with no impediment from the public.

taco bell

This is not a good food-selection method. The most expensive thing at Taco Bell is a box of 12 variety tacos. You're paying $1.00 per taco. Bad answer Bobby.


Is this a statement about chocolate in general, or just chocolate pie? We have follow up questions.

  1. Did you grandma make her own chocolate?
  2. What are your feeling on the increasing propensity for higher cacao levels in modern chocolate?
  3. Do you consider Hershey's a true chocolate, or chocolate-flavored product?