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The Chicago Cubs with the worst tarp application of all time

The Chicago Cubs have lost again, this time to a gigantic piece of plastic that caused a two-hour plus wetness delay.

Brian Kersey

We've seen our fair share of tarp fails -- woah, look at the tarp billow! The grounds crew can't control it! Did one of them get stuck? -- so we're numb to it at this point.

However, leave it to the Chicago Cubs to bring new life and humor to a situation with their contagious badness. They weren't blown asunder by comically violent weather, but rather beaten by own failure to cover a field with a giant piece of plastic.

Oh, come on. That's not that bad. They just put it on the wrong way, and -- wait:

Okay that's definitely not how that's supposed to go and okay a field shouldn't look like that.

So now half the infield is covered in water, because they didn't put the tarp on right. And even though the rain has subsided, they can't really play because the field is underwater.


This went on, long, long into the Chicago night. The game was too important to the MLB standings to call after five innings -- not because the Cubs are anywhere near the postseason, but because the Giants are -- and there was apparently no possible date for the two teams to make it up.

So they waited.

After two hours: Time for sand:

But they ran out of sand:

So they had to get more:

And more sand:

After three hours: #OneManOneRake

Update: Here's video of the whole thing, with Yakety Sax

Thanks to Ann Frazier, who is also responsible for many of the above Tweets:

After over four and a half hours without playing, the game was finally called. All because they couldn't get the tarp on the right way:

You win again, giant pieces of plastic.