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Introducing the SPORTS HATE MAP

It's easy to guess where fans of certain teams are. It's harder to find out where enemies of certain teams are, which makes this map fascinating.

Reddit user KMHokie35 had a simple proposition: ask other Reddit users what their least favorite teams are, and then use the data to fill in the United States of Sports Hate. The results are wonderful:

The most interesting ones are the NFL maps, which are pretty regionally unique:

Everything here checks out: NFC North teams hate each other, AFC East teams hate each other, NFC West teams hate each other, etc. etc. etc. A few notable standouts:

1. Tennessee took Houston's old team and now hates Houston's new team. What gives?

2. Colts fans hate the Patriots after all those playoff matchups, rather than divisional opponents. Makes sense.

3. The one shining moment in Cardinals history is the 2009 Super Bowl, so yeah, they hold a grudge against the Steelers.

4. Neat that both Jets and Giants fans can unite over hating the Pats.

There's also an international map, which reveals Europe's seething hate for the Ravens.

The NBA maps are a bit more bland:

Basically, everybody hates the Lakers and Heat, except for Washington, which understandably hates Oklahoma City for jacking their team, and Tennessee, which hates the Clippers because the Grizzlies and Clippers play each other every damn year. Interesting that the Lakers are even the most hated team in California, because, well, Clippers fans and Warriors fans and Kings fans all hate the Lakers.

Now there's an MLB hate map too! Take that Yankees!