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John Calipari poses as a fan to defend himself on Mike Francesa show

Listen to the Kentucky coach pose as 'John from Kentucky' on the air.

Ronald Martinez

Kentucky coach John Calipari has heard the criticism before. New York radio host Mike Francesa went on the air and said Calipari is a master recruiter and motivator, but that he wasn't a great X's and O's coach. Francesa brought up the late Rick Majerus as a counter-example to Calipari: a coach who could never recruit nearly as well but one whose teams could win with less talent.

This time, Cal decided to take matters into his own hands and call Francesa up as "John from Kentucky." The results were hilarious.

Take a listen to a clip from the show:

"You know what they call me? 'The Magician.' 'Cal the Magician.' New team ..."

With all the talent Cal has in Lexington this year, it won't be the last time certain people will try to discredit him as a coach. As long as the Wildcats keep winning, he probably won't have to keep calling in to radio shows to defend himself.