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Yasiel Puig met a pug we can assume is named Yasiel Pug

It's like the Yalta Conference but for the baseball internet in 2014.

For some time, we have known that Yasiel Puig, lovable baseball sensation, has a last name only one letter removed from "pug," the derpy-faced dog breed.It has been photoshopped. However, we have not actually put Yasiel Puig in a room with a pug.


He even imitated the derp tongue! You see, it was Dog Baseball night at Dodger Stadium, so -- AWWW THIS GREAT DANE IS WEARING BASEBALL CLOTHES

THIS VINE. THE GOLDEN RETRIEVER. THE PACK OF CORGIS. THE ST. BERNARD! So, uh, yeah, point being: Yasiel Puig met a pug.