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Michael Sam saves fan from bankruptcy following Johnny Manziel bet

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Money fingers almost became a money pit, but it was Michael Sam to the rescue.

Joe Robbins

Michael Sam intervened for one overzealous fan who told the Internet he'd buy drinks for everyone in the world, if the Rams defensive end sacked Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel and followed up with the "money fingers" sign. Sam did just that.

Reality set in shortly following the play.

Nobody wants to see someone go bankrupt over an Internet bet, and the only other outcome would be to welch on it and be ceaselessly mocked. There was only one man who could save him: Michael Sam.

Making one charitable donation is a whole lot lighter on the wallet than buying booze for the entire Internet, provided our math is correct. The fan took his much-needed out.

Michael Sam: Sacking quarterbacks, playing his way to a roster spot and saving ordinary Joes from destitution -- all while helping charity. Now that's a heck of a successful summer.

h/t Shutdown Corner