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Tennessee pitches recruit with photoshopped Beyonce cover

They almost got Beyonce to sing "Rocky Top," but it fell through at the last minute.

Everybody in the world thinks Beyonce is the best, most important and most wonderful person in the world. Therefore, the most effective way to convince a player that he should choose a school is ... well ... Beyonce:

(Update, 9/26: It worked!)

That's a tweet from five-star defensive tackle Shy Tuttle. Bey apparently not only knows who Shy Tuttle, a high school football player, is, also, she has strong opinions about where he should go to college. Also, she's walking really, really, really close to Shy, a fact which we will not tell Jay-Z about. You can tell she genuinely cares about Shy's career, because she personally has a vested interest in another orange-wearing team, but simply feels he'd be the best fit at Tennessee.

Mark our words: The team that tells the most players Beyonce wants them to go to their school will be the best team in college football.