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Popeyes sponsors the Bahamas Bowl, is our new favorite bowl game

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Popeyes is delicious. College football is delicious. Now, there is a thing called the Popeyes Bowl.

There will be a bowl game played in the Bahamas in 2014. It was called, until today, simply "The Bahamas Bowl." That is no longer true. It is now called "The Popeyes Bahamas Bowl," and as shameless, as-of-yet-unpaid endorsers of Popeyes, this makes us incredibly happy.

"Popeyes is honored to partner with the Bahamas Bowl to bring this historic bowl game to college football fans everywhere," said Hector Munoz, Vice President of Marketing for Popeyes. "Like college football, Popeyes enjoys a rich tradition and passionate fans, and we look forward to a great game and a lot of fun in the Bahamas."

YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT POPEYES ENJOYS A RICH TRADITION AND PASSIONATE FANS. Look, we've said it here before and we'll say it again: if you think there's a fast food item on the market that is better than Popeyes chicken, you are criminally insane and deserve to go to some sort of high-security prison site.

That said, we're cautious. Normally we'd book tickets literally right this second to spend Christmas Eve watching a MAC team and a C-USA team play football in the Bahamas while downing a four-piece -- spicy, please, with mashed potatoes -- but! Popeyes does not currently have any restaurants in the Bahamas, and does not have any plans of opening restaurants in the Bahamas.

Hopefully we'll soon receive word that Popeyes is planning emergency shipments of Popeyes to the Bahamas to serve to all attendees, but until then, we'd like to warn potential fans that the Popeyes Bowl could be Popeyes-free, and therefore a horrible place we would not like to be.

Oh, and also, we would eat something called a Popeyes Bahamas Bowl, if they would start making it.