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Opposing fan bases yelling at each other at midnight before a game? It's officially college football season

Texas A&M fans and South Carolina fans gathered to yell at each other outside South Carolina's state capitol. College football is back, y'all.

SB Nation 2014 College Football Guide

You could say that the 2014 college football season started Saturday, when Sam Houston State played Eastern Washington, or Wednesday, when Georgia State played Abilene Christian, or tomorrow, when a bunch of teams play, or on the first college football Saturday of the year.

Or you could say it starts right about now -- Thursday, at midnight -- because right now, a bunch of crazy Texas A&M fans and a bunch of crazy South Carolina fans are gathered outside the South Carolina state capitol yelling at each other:

This is all perfectly explainable.

You see, the midnight before A&M games, fans gather for Yell Practice, which is pretty much just practicing cheers. (I look forward to at least three emails in my inbox explaining that I'm demeaning their tradition by describing it in this way. Texas A&M fans are unique.)

The A&M hordes in Columbia decided, hey, might as well do this directly outside South Carolina's state capitol:

However, South Carolina fans did not like this idea:

College football ensued:

College football is upon us, friends.