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Here is a picture of Hanley Ramirez and a terrified, crying baby

One happy baseball player and one infinitely sad baby.

Christian Petersen

1. Whose baby is this? Not to play the race card, but, well, we're guessing not Hanley's.

2. Was this baby crying prior to Hanley Ramirez holding the baby, or did Hanley Ramirez cause this baby to cry?

3. If the latter, what did Hanley Ramirez do to make this baby cry?

4. Why is Hanley laughing at the baby's plight?

We apologize to the baby. At this point, he's probably long forgotten about whatever Hanley did to make him cry with all of his might, because kids just randomly start and stop crying for the first three or four or seven or 10 years of their life without thinking about it. But he'll never outgrow this picture, which his parents will frame and use to remind him of the time he cried around Hanley Ramirez until he is an adult.