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Kiss cam? More like kiss Ram

Stuck in the middle with ewe?

Colorado State Guy: Damn I'm so tired of kissing this ram. I just wanna kiss Colorado State Girl. Right on her mouth. I bet she has a very soft mouth that is neither fuzzy nor full of cud.

Colorado State Girl: Damn, I really wanna kiss Colorado State Guy. Is he gonna make a move or am I going to have to do it? This ram smells like puke and doesn't kiss me back.

Colorado State Ram: Yo this is seriously some bullshit. I'm trying to get out and meet some lady sheep on a Friday night but I've gotta work and get kissed by these damn college kids who are clearly into each other and have weird tiny teeth. Grabbing on my horns and shit. Damn. Kids are lucky I don't gore them in their kissy faces. Just make out with each other, you horny cowards. Yooooo ... horny! That's a good-ass pun! Did you gu-- oh wait no they can't hear me. This sucks.