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Andrew Wiggins discusses Kevin Love trade rumors in uncomfortable interview

"Do you think Cleveland wants you?"

Andrew Wiggins has had an interesting few months. He went from being the future superstar of the Cavaliers to being overshadowed by LeBron James' return to having his name thrown into every Kevin Love trade rumor. Now his future with the Cavs is very much in doubt and he's sitting through interviews like this one with ESPN:

This interview has it all: Remote sound issues leading to missed questions, stilted responses to prying questions, and, of course, a subject posing for rookie cards while abashedly wearing the jersey of a team that might not keep him.

This part is just brutal. Wiggins, asked what his preferred future is, just says he wants to play for a team that wants him. "Do you think Cleveland wants you?

Oof. This should be over within a few weeks, Andrew.

(video via gifdsports)