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Power outage at Tropicana Field means the Rays are playing Looney Tunes

The best performance in a sporting arena by the Looney Tunes since Space Jam came out.

Most baseball stadiums are outdoors, which is good on one hand because you can play baseball during the day thanks to the light provided by the sun, but on the other hand is bad because sometimes it rains. It was stormy Sunday in Tampa, and the Rays were able to continue playing because Tropicana Field is indoors.

Problem, though: sometimes rainstorms cause the power to go out.

Play was delayed for 19 minutes, and the Rays had the perfect diversion:

Yes, the baseball episode of Looney Tunes, Baseball Bugs, wherein the Gashouse Gorillas demolish the Tea Totallers before Bugs steps in. Hopefully, you watched this a trillion times as a kid; if not, we hope you were at the Trop today:

All things told, the power outage didn't look *that* bad:

But evidently it was enough to suspend play. After giving up five runs in the top of the first, perhaps the break is exactly what the Rays needed.