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Spencer Dinwiddie is our favorite NBA rookie perv

He's got a mustache and a penchant for 69 jokes. We're all in on Spencer Dinwiddie.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Meet Spencer Dinwiddie, the 38th pick in the 2014 NBA Draft to the Detroit Pistons. He's a 6'6 point guard who probably would've gone much higher if not for a season-ending ACL. He is also a lovable scumbag.

Exhibit A) He likes making 69 jokes, even in official capacities

From the NBA's AMA on Reddit:

He knows he's not good enough to be 69. He just wants it to be 69 because, well, niiiiiice. In his defense, Cory Jefferson also said "68-70," which averages out to you know what.

Exhibit B) This pornstache

As the owner of a mustache, I don't believe in stigmatizing mustaches. I think each mustache should be weighed on its personal merits. And this mustache, sirs and madams, is a pornstache. Maybe not this pornstache, but a pornstache nonetheless.