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Eastern Michigan sledgehammers a wall before coming on field, but it takes a while

AWESOME PREGAME INTRO goes awry when it turns out destroying a concrete wall is somewhat difficult.

We already discussed Eastern Michigan's questionable decision to turn their field the cover of an old-timey TV image. However, they did have a kinda cool idea we didn't know about: they had some of their biggest boys hype the team up before coming out on the field by HITTING A CONCRETE WALL WITH SLEDGEHAMMERS!

Problem: It took a while:

I like how at the end the guy is like THE HELL WITH THIS SLEDGEHAMMER and just knocks over the crumbling wall with his fists. We're not making fun of these guys for not being able to knock down the wall -- it's made of concrete! This would take us hours! But maybe we should just give them an easier task to make this go a bit more seamlessly -- a smaller wall, more destructable material, etc. You also don't want your players getting hurt and stuff sledgehammering concrete before a game.