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Japanese high school baseball game lasts 50 innings over 4 days

That's ... probably too many innings.

In Japan, the semifinal game of a high school baseball tournament lasted 50 innings and took four days to play. It ended on Aug. 31 When Chukyo High School scored three runs in the top of the 50th -- THE TOP OF THE FIFTIETH -- to defeat Sotoku High School.

Here are the absolute most ridiculous things to happen in this marathon of a game, as reported by The Asahi Shimbun (via Jeff Passan):

- The losing pitcher, Jukiya Ishioka, threw a complete game, going 50 innings and tossing 689 pitches.
- The winning pitcher, Taiga Matsui, also threw 50 innings, needing 709 pitches.
- 709 pitches.
- Matsui pitched in relief IN THE NEXT GAME.
- "According to the tournament rules, if the game was still tied after 54 innings, the winner would have been decided in a drawing." -- oh okay