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Watch Alabama fans race 100+ yards for Nick Saban's autograph

This happened, as it does every year. It never gets old.

Alabama fans raced across Bryant-Denny Stadium on Fan Day in the hopes of getting Nick Saban's autograph. Yes, adults with real lives and jobs trundled across a field as quickly as possible in the hopes of having a football coach sign their merch.

You might think that's a fairly ho-hum thing to watch, since it happens annually, but when shot from four different angles by and scored to the stadium sound system piping out Mountain's "Mississippi Queen," it becomes a melange of amazement you can't take your eyes off.


Here are some things you could confuse with running Bama fans:

  • A scene from "World War Z."
  • The ending of every episode of "The Amazing Race."
  • TV appraisal time at "The Antiques Roadshow."
  • Disney World, all of it.
  • The running of the bulls.

Update: Redditor Honestly_ has spliced the video of the 109-yard Alabama fan run with the Auburn radio call of the 109-yard "Kick Six" [hat tip to commenter ajkst1]: