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This MLB hate map confirms everyone detests the Yankees

Finally we can confirm that everyone hates the Yankees.

Hate maps are back folks, this time with the much-anticipated MLB edition. Unlike the regional wars that fuel the NFL, there's a pretty clear delineation here: Almost everyone hates the Yankees.

Despite there being 50 states, the nation is united in hating just seven different teams. Kudos to the upstart Nats for getting their fair share of hatred. We learned a few interesting tidbits about the habits of baseball fans, too.

  1. Florida hates the Red Sox: This is wonderful because you can guarantee this is purely based on New York retirees heading to the Sunshine State.
  2. Arkansas has strong feelings about the Cubs: Honestly, it's just nice to see anyone have strong feelings about the Cubs.
  3. What the heck did the Dodgers do to Oceania? The MLB season kicked off in Sydney between the Dodgers and Diamondbacks this year, so you'd think there would be some fondness. Hell no. Something happened Down Under to breed a hotbed of Dodger hatred. The entire world can rarely agree on anything, but it seems they're united in hating the Yankees -- then friggin' Oceania ruined it all.
  4. Don't wear a Padres shirt in Canada's Northwest Territories: The hate is pretty impressive here, especially given Wikipedia lists 46.1 percent of residents in the Northwest Territories as Roman Catholic.
  5. Newfoundland doesn't hate anyone. That's nice of you, Newfoundland.