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Pep Guardiola refused to shake hands after Bayern Munich loss to MLS

Pep Guardiola gave Caleb Porter the finger wag.

The MLS All-Star Game ended and, as is normal, All-Star coach Caleb Porter went over to the other bench to shake the other coach's hand. Only Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola was not having any of it.

Guardiola was apparently upset about a couple hard tackles earlier in the match, especially one by Osvaldo Alonso. It was tougher than most tackles in friendlies, but Alonso has never been one to take it easy. And Guardiola, still mad about that, decided to blame it on Porter, an All-Star Game manager who spent all of two days with his team before the match.

Just to make things better, Alonso is a Seattle Sounders player and Porter manages the Portland Timbers, the two teams in MLS's biggest and most hated rivalry. So Alonso and Porter definitely aren't on the same side ever, and yet Alonso's tackle got Porter a finger wag from Guardiola.

It may be Bayern Munich's preseason, but Guardiola is already in pompous, football superiority midseason form.

UPDATE: Guardiola is claiming that he didn't see Porter and that is why he didn't go shake hands, as if the world doesn't have televisions with replay and saw him finger wag in Porter's direction.

That translates to: I did not shake hands with the MLS All-Star coaching staff because I did not see them.