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This appears to be a 311-themed Chiefs jersey

This is a creative way to support a mediocre band.

We saw somebody in a "GOD" jersey at Chiefs training camp, which is either a mark of faith or sacrilegious, depending on your viewpoint. However, this fan picked a customized jersey that transcends religion, a jersey that salutes the one power higher than the deity of whatever religion you believe in.

I'm talking, of course, of the mediocre rap-rock-white person reggae '90s band 311:

This guy certainly *came original.* I hope the Chiefs don't let him *down* this year -- after their bounce back last year, anything less than a trip back to the playoffs would be a *beautiful disaster.* As long as Andy Reid keeps opposing teams *all mixed up,* they should be fine. Amber.

(Man, I listened to a lot of 311 when I was 13 and I regret it.)