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Tony Allen claims Twitter hacked, everyone believes him

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Tony Allen is the first athlete to actually get hacked on Twitter.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

On the day of his SB Nation Hall of Fame induction for tweeting excellence, Tony Allen gave us a great Twitter moment. Let's walk through it:

1. Following the announcement that Kevin Durant will skip the FIBA World Cup, Allen's account tweets this about teammate and Spanish national team participant Marc Gasol, then quickly deletes it:

2. Tony seems rather surprised:

(Yes, in that order.)

3. Tony claims he was hacked, the go-to excuse for regretful celebrities:

4. ...except, because it's Tony Allen, we all believe him. He even appears to (accurately?) single out the person who did it somehow. The logic checks out on two counts:



5. Back to business as usual.

So yeah, if Tony Allen's going to jab at a teammate, he'll probably do it in person in the face. And if he does do it on Twitter, you'll probably! be,, able to: tell.