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Bengals QB Matt Scott throws up, throws up again, throws a TD

Matt Scott threw up and threw touchdowns at Arizona, and now he's doing it in the NFL. (Never mind the potential health implications.)

Jamie Squire

Matt Scott has reason to be nervous: The Arizona grad faces an uphill battle making the Bengals' roster, as he's behind a multi-million dollar man in Andy Dalton, an NFL veteran in Jason Campbell, and recently drafted Alabama star AJ McCarron. He'd need to play brilliantly to convince the team he should stay, and every throw counts.

So we wouldn't blame him for pulling a Willie Beamon and hurling from sheer nervousness in the team's first preseason game against the Chiefs:

Actually, this probably isn't due to nervousness -- Scott has a history of throwing up during games, first against USC and then later against Utah (click for a gross GIF) his senior year. Those incidents led to criticism of Arizona's staff for its treatment of a player clearly suffering from head trauma, as he missed games with concussions his senior year, but stayed in the game post-vomit. It's not clear if Scott suffered another hit to the head, but, still, this doesn't seem particularly good.

Scott actually played a pretty spectacular game for a guy in roster purgatory: he went 7-for-11 with two touchdowns (plus a two-point conversion after the vomiting episode to cut the KC lead to two) and led the Bengals in rushing with 68 yards -- all this on just three drives. NFL teams might see his vomiting-then-playing as a sign of his toughness, rather than a sign of concussion issues, which is probably good for his chances of making a roster and absolutely horrendous for his long-term health.