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FSU coach Jimbo Fisher killed a bat with his bare hands in practice

Florida State's first win of the 2014 season came against an unsuspecting bat.

Some think Florida State could crush all the opposition in its path this season. Apparently, that opposition included a bat that made the unfortunate decision to fly in Jimbo Fisher's airspace.

Man, did you have to slam it repeatedly into the ground? Either way, the bat was quite dead:

Look, when you're a head coach, your job is to eliminate all the distractions your team faces, and, hell, that fluttery winged mammal was a distraction. Everybody was oohing and aahing at it instead of practicing.

Jimbo Fisher doesn't set out each morning wanting to be a vicious bat murderer, but sometimes you have to be a vicious bat murderer. For what it's worth, Manu Ginobili respects his bat-killing hustle: