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Casual Bo Pelini poses with bride and groom

The Nebraska head coach is everywhere this summer. It's truly the summer of Bo.

There's never a bad time to take a photo with Bo Pelini. For example, these newlyweds didn't pass up a chance to snap a photo with the Nebraska head football coach.

The fact that Pelini is wearing a Mooney t-shirt -- his high school alma mater in Youngstown, Ohio -- just makes it that much more fun. The real question is whether or not Pelini was a guest at the wedding.

We're guessing, based on his attire, that he happened to be at the wedding and/or reception's location for another reason. Otherwise, we'd have to question his choice of attire. Then again, it's Bo Pelini, would you care how he dressed if he came to your wedding?

Here's another angle, just for fun.

The summer of Bo continues.