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Cam Newton kept repeating "'Donkey Kong' Suh and my fellow Auburn teammate Nick Fairley"

It doesn't have the same ring to it as "Practice?" or "Both teams played hard." It's just kinda weird.

Cam Newton spoke to the press Wednesday after sitting out Week 1 due to a rib injury, and there were all sorts of questions: How do you feel after sitting out? Why did you need to run into the huddle? What's up with your contract?

However, Newton didn't really answer any of those questions. He just kept saying the same thing over and over again: that he's playing the Lions this week, and that he thinks he has his hands full trying to stay protected from "Donkey Kong" Suh and his former Auburn teammate Nick Fairley.

We loved Arian Foster's troll interviews about how he was just trying to be the best teammate he could be, but we're not feeling Cam right here. We agree that "Ndamukong" does sound kinda like "Donkey Kong," but we got over it while he was still playing at Nebraska. To repeat the joke over and over again just kinda made us feel weird all over.