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Colombia's women's cycling jerseys are unintentionally vagina-like

These bikers are not naked, just victims of unfortunate jersey design.

We are not in the field of jersey design. However, we feel confident stating a rule all uniform designers should stick by: if your jersey makes it look like your athlete is naked, you have done a bad job designing your jersey.

The person who designed Colombia's women's cycling jerseys did a bad job:

Those are not actually see-through -- merely flesh colored and as tight as cycling jerseys are supposed to be, as aerodynamics are kinda important in cycling -- but they really look like it. They really, really look like it. We didn't fully convince ourselves that they weren't see-through until we noticed the bikers themselves had different skin tones.

And yes, they're real:

We think they should try again, and so does Brian Cookson, president of the Union Cycliste Internationale.