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Texas forgets how coinflips work, gives UCLA ball to start both halves

Texas did the incredibly dumb football thing.

Vine via Good Bull Hunting

If you win the coin toss, the correct answer is always to defer until the second half. There's pretty much no difference between opening the first or second half with the ball, but if you defer, there's a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny chance that the opponent will be so massively stupid that they will choose to kick off, forgetting that you will certainly choose to receive in the second half, thus giving you the ball twice.

Texas was that massively stupid.


This is essentially a free turnover, giving the other team the ball when it was rightfully yours. And all the Longhorns had to do to avoid it was say, "we'll receive." If they lose by fewer than eight points, they might wish they had that possession back. [Update: Yep, UCLA won by three.]

This happens about once a year -- last year it was UNC.