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Team USA wins FIBA World Cup, celebrates with Shmoney Dance, confetti angels

Win a major basketball championship, celebrate with hot dance craze.

Team USA won the FIBA World Cup, and they did it forcefully -- they beat Serbia 129-92 in the gold medal game, and beat their average opponent by 33 points. Some asked why we should care. This tournament didn't feature the world's best players, and none of the games were interesting.

At least one group of people cared: Team USA, a group of young, fun, talented players who took pride in crushing every opponent who came their way. And they celebrated like they meant it. With the Shmoney Dance!


Everybody dances, except Derrick Rose. The only way this would've been better is if James Harden had thrown the trophy in the air the way Bobby Shmurda throws his hat.

And then Klay Thompson made a confetti angel:

Congratulations to Team USA on obliterating their competition, and we're glad the team had an awesome time doing it.