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Makeout session in LSU stands goes so, so, so wrong

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You can see it coming from a mile away, but we still can't stop watching these LSU fans topple onto unsuspecting fans who are not participants in their makeout session.

Many a romance has been launched in the stands of college football games, and many of those romances are horrible decisions influenced by alcohol. We're hoping this couple that enjoyed LSU's 31-0 victory over UL-Monroe turns out great, but we're not particularly optimistic (via @bunkieperkins):

The coordination required for a bleacher makeout session is not there from the start. But the ones who truly suffer are not the maker-outers, whose passion pushed them past the limits of balance, but the people stomped by the maker-outers, unwilling participants in this star-crossed love.

UPDATE: And now, some more appropriate backing music.