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Fans put urine in opposing goalkeeper's water bottle


FC Muri goalkeeper Reto Felder was focused on the match. He needed to keep FC Baden from scoring in their Swiss fourth division match and was working hard to do it. Naturally, he got thirsty, so he went back and grabbed his water bottle.

And his water bottle had been filled with urine.

According to Blick, the Baden fans had convinced a ball boy to throw them Felder's water bottle, emptied it out and refilled it with urine, something Felder didn't realize until he took a drink, at which point the Baden fans started yelling "You have been infected! You have AIDS."

A lovely bunch, those Baden fans are.

Felder reportedly felt nauseated after the match, for good reason. Unsurprisingly, the Muri manager spoke out against the fans' act, and the Baden president joined him in decrying it.

And yet no amount of outrage can change the fact that Felder drank random urine.

H/T Who Ate All The Pies