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Mr. Met wore Jacob deGrom's hair and it is unsettling

After years of baldness, Mr. Met sprouted hair in honor of a young star. We are scarred.

There are rarely things to be excited about for the Mets, but Jacob deGrom is certainly one. While the team flounders below .500, the 26-year-old rookie has a 2.62 ERA and hasn't given up an earned run in three starts, going back 21 innings.

The team celebrated his Rookie of the Year candidacy in the worst way possible:

No. No no no. No no no no no.

Mr. Met is a bald anthropomorphic baseball. He is bald because baseballs are bald. Baseball would be much worse if baseballs had clumps of hair on one side. The ball would have all sorts of weird spin and wouldn't go as far. For this reason, and the fact that Mr. Met with hair looks significantly more psychotic than regular Mr. Met, we oppose Mr. Met with hair.

Not to mention this only *kinda* resembles Jacob deGrom's actual hair, which is flowing and clean unlike Mr. Met's messy brown toupee deal: