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Penn State fans planning a 'Joe-out' in honor of Joe Paterno

We might see a lot of JoePa masks, cut-outs, and signs in the crowd Saturday.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Penn State football fans, like a lot of fanbases, arrange "[color]-outs" for particular games. Everyone wears white or blue or whatever and a neat visual affect is achieved. This plan is a bit different, via the Centre Daily Times:

But on Saturday, as Penn State meets the University of Massachusetts for the second home game of the season, alumni and fans like Stannell and others want to see Paterno everywhere they turn.

"We want to make an impact, as Joe would say," Stannell said.

How fans do it is up to them, she said. A cardboard figure of the longtime coach, a Joe mask, a JVP hat. For many on social media, there are plans for things with the number 409, the total wins for Paterno's coaching career before 111 victories were taken away by the NCAA as part of Penn State's post-Sandusky penalties.

We'll see if enough people follow through with this to make it feel like an actual event. As you can see above (and here), honoring Paterno is still very much a thing for some Penn State fans despite the report that Paterno played a role in covering Jerry Sandusky's crimes. A whole crowd of tributes would be something else entirely, and would likely stir up the debate over Paterno's legacy at the school.

(h/t Fox Sports)