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OH YEAH, Matt Duffy's "Duffman" bats

Gangly middle infielder's bat knobs say a lot of things.

Matt Duffy is a supremely gangly infielder for the San Francisco Giants, and the 23-year-old is pretty obscure even as little-used middle infielders go. It's hard to know what Duffy's future holds. He is an 18th-round draft pick playing in the majors after less than two full years in professional baseball, which is something, but he's not nearly a finished product as a player. But if you are a fan of The Simpsons and the only thing you know about Matt Duffy is the decal on the knob of his bats, you should now feel free to consider him one of your favorite players.

This is not just good, this is promising. We now know a good deal about Duffy's taste when it comes to canonic secondary characters in beloved, long-running animated sitcoms, and what we know about that taste is good. From it, we can extrapolate that Duffy's future is bright, even if baseball doesn't work out. Duff Man, after all, knows how to make ends meet.

On behalf of a grateful nation that now hopes you play 18 years in the big leagues, I say oh yeah, Matt Duffy. Oh yeah.