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Wes Welker had a hell of a Kentucky Derby

Wes Welker reportedly popped molly at the Kentucky Derby. Let us remember that Wes Welker had a great time at the Kentucky Derby.

1. Wes Welker has been suspended for four games for using amphetamines.

2. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports that Welker took the drugs that triggered the suspension at the Kentucky Derby. He says that Welker took molly "cut with amphetamines." Although Molly is MDMA, Florio points out that pure MDMA would not trigger regular amphetamine tests..

3. Here is what Wes Welker was doing at the Kentucky Derby:

Welker won over $50,000 -- although Churchill Downs said a machine error caused them to overpay him by $15,000 -- and then handed it out to people. Oh, yeah, and he was dressed like that.

Piecing together the reports about the suspension and the facts we already knew about Welker's Kentucky Derby, we can hypothesize that Wes Welker had a really, really, really good time at the Kentucky Derby. If true, was it worth it? Well, we suppose that depends on how much you value having an incredible time at the Kentucky Derby.

It is also our editorial opinion that this is a great, great joke: