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Darko Milicic gives up basketball for kickboxing

This will go swimmingly.

UPDATE: @YourManDevine of Ball Don't Lie and has footage of Darko training, spinning back fist and all.


Darko Milicic is exchanging his basketball sneakers for no footwear at all. Yes, he's becoming a kickboxer. headlined a story "Darko Milicic put an end: Goodbye NBA career, good afternoon kick-boxing!" with the announcement his first professional fight will be made public on Wednesday. Here are the three reasons we believe in Darko, professional fighter.

1. Outstanding hand-eye coordination

Photo via Christian Petersen - Getty Images

2. Grace under pressure

Photo via Harry How - Getty Images

3. An inherent respect for officials (NSFW)

He's coming...


h/t Extra Mustard