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Pee-wee team tries to run through banner, gets knocked down by banner

This works for college and high school players ... not so much for 6-and-7-year olds.

We're not sure how the tradition of running through banners before football games got started -- what did the banners do to us? -- but it did, and it happens at every level where they've decided they can't afford pyrotechnics. This apparently includes pee-wee, andwe must thank Deadspin dearly for finding this video of a complete failure, put into slow motion, and set to the Chariots of Fire song.

The slo-mo makes it much better as player-after-player piles into the banner, unable to break through. Should we feel bad for laughing at kids? Sure. But we're not going to stop. The clincher on this is that the team is called the Walkill Mighty Mites. Beautiful.

Some tips for future banner-makers: Make your banner out of something more breakable -- that thing looks plasticky, you'll need paper or fabric -- and make sure the thing is anchored to the ground by poles. You can't just hold the ends of it. Either that or make those six-year-olds hit the weight room.