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Jose Altuve invents the jump swing

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When you're 5'5, sometimes you have to swing at pitches that would be strikes for other guys.

Jose Altuve is one of our favorite baseball players because he is about 10 inches shorter than I am and is not only a professional athlete, but a good one, a two-time all-star with the Houston Astros. However, him being short sometimes leads to funny moments like this:

Normally, you'd never swing at a pitch over your head, but Altuve had to protect the runner on a hit-and-run. And normally you'd be tall enough to hit a pitch about, what, 5 feet, 3 inches off the ground, but Jose Altuve is not. So he had to jump to hit a ball that would be a strike for most guys. He did his job, fouling this off and preventing an easy caught-stealing.

Here's your GIF: