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'Leeroy Jenkins Keeper' is FIFA 15's first hilarious glitch

It's no "Tiny Titan," but the first big glitch from EA Sports' FIFA 15 is pretty great, too. Some players are finding at kickoff that both sides will charge to midfield in order to get the ball -- goalkeepers included. Yes, "Leeroy Jenkins Keeper" has arrived.

Don't you dare try to keep them all boxed up.

UPDATE: Paul Marr of EA Sports contacted SB to explain the glitch, and how it can be fixed.

There is a rare bug affecting a small number of FIFA 15 fans playing on PC and who have named their PC with four characters or less. We are working to address this bug as soon as possible. In the meantime, fans experiencing this bug can rename their PC using more than five characters to resolve the issue.

You can find details on the bug at

h/t Game Rant