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Geno Smith responds to Jets' fans boos with 'F*** YOU'

Jets fans are unhappy with Smith, and Smith is unhappy with Jets fans.

Geno Smith had a rough day -- 17-of-33, a touchdown, a pick, and a fumble lost in a game the Jets lost by seven -- and the fans responded with boos. Smith did not take kindly to this.

Smith apologized for his behavior later after the game, via Metro NY:

"No matter what happened, I've got to not feed into it," Smith said. "It's part of the job. I understand the fans want to come out and see victories. We do too as players. [I] can't even begin to talk about that because what I did was wrong. Two wrongs don't make a right."

The Jets are 1-3 with three losses by one possession, and with an average quarterback, they'd probably be better than 1-3. But Smith hasn't been average -- he's thrown more interceptions than touchdowns, and ranks 27th out of 32 qualified passers in passer rating -- and fans are starting to get tired of that. Clearly the feeling is mutual.