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Cowboys punt hits AT&T Stadium's giant scoreboard, gives Saints good field position

Turns out putting a huge video screen right over the field sometimes backfires!

Even if you have never been to the Dallas Cowboys' stadium, you are familiar with their gigantic scoreboard -- you know, the one that dwarved the court at the Final Four. Sunday night, it hurt the home team, as a punt by Chris Jones hit the monstrosity:


The punt was unable to follow its full trajectory and only travelled 33 yards and was not returned. The Saints quickly moved the ball 59 yards for a TD, and are now down only two scores.

The scoreboard had been scraped twice, but both in preseason games. Once by the Titans' AJ Trapasso, who admitted he had aimed for the board in warmups, and once by Jones last year, which caused a re-kick that ended up returned by the Bengals for a TD.