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The Wizards are having a sexy Mohawk competition

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Marcin Gortat and Martell Webster each have mohawks. They say their hairstyles complement each other in a very unique way.

Sarah Kogod/SB Nation

WASHINGTON -- Marcin Gortat's Mohawk was the coolest hairstyle at Wizards media day. That is, until Martell Webster walked down the stairs.

Webster entered the Wizards practice court sporting a straightened out Mohawk, extending at least six inches out from his head and styled to look perfectly imperfect.

"I thought this through," he said when I asked about his new look. "There was a game plan and everything."

There had already been whispers comparing the two, so I pointed out Gortat's own attempt at the style. Webster looked across the court at this teammate and thought for minute.

"It's two different genres of ‘hawks here," he said, giving Gortat some credit. "He's in the ‘Mo' phase, I'm in the ‘Fro' phase. He just started. He's a novice. Give him some time, it'll come around."

Gortat started his own Mohawk only a few weeks ago and explained that there was a connection between his and Webster's.

"He's sexual black chocolate, I'm sexual white chocolate," he said, quite seriously. "We need to look the same."

Gortat likened his own ‘do to that of the Viking ruler Ragnar Lodbrok, but said he's trying to grow his bigger.

"Well maybe slightly bigger," he said, as he looked at Webster's intimidating locks. "I can't do that. That's a lot of work."

Webster revealed just how much work it is. The Wizards forward admitted to getting at least one Keratin treatment at a salon in order to straighten out his normally curly locks. His wife, Courtney, cleaned him up with a straightening iron the night before media day to keep him on point.

"There is effort involved, just like there's effort in anything you do," he said.

As impressive as it is, Webster's ‘hawk pales in comparison to teammate Glen Rice's ‘do from last season.

"They're pretty good," said Rice, looking at Webster. "If he keeps it long enough, I'll grow my out. I'll catch him easy."

So how long is long enough?

"Thanksgiving," said Rice, who admitted that he shaved his own because it got hot. "If he's still rocking it then, I'll start growing mine."

Rice then realized he was on record with a deadline and started to backtrack.

"Maybe," he said. "Most likely."

Rice thought some more.

"85 percent."