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There's a Geico ad with the Ickey Shuffle in it, here's what the Ickey Shuffle is, young'uns

The Ickey Shuffle hasn't been a part of the national spotlight in over 20 years, so let's talk about it.

If you own a TV and have turned it on during a football game, you have seen this Geico ad wherein Ickey Woods celebrates cold cuts with the Ickey Shuffle:

Ickey was a fullback who played for the Bengals from 1988-91, earning All-Pro honors as a rookie before knee injuries shortened his career. If you're under, say, 28 -- like me! -- you were not old enough to witness the Ickey Shuffle. So we are showing it to you:

Geico's YouTube channel has a variety of videos of Ickey shuffling, all of which are fantastic:

Good to see Ickey capitalize on his sweet oversized dance moves over 20 years after his career ended.